Planning Events in NSW During COVID-19 Restrictions

Full details of the current COVID-19 restriction in NSW 

Additional restrictions on the number of people allowed on dance floors and in choirs/bands, along with the number allowed in your home also apply. As the situation is being updated daily, please refer to the link above for the most up-to-date restrictions.

The following are the standard rules which were put in place earlier this once. Note some of these restrictions still apply to some areas of NSW – again, please refer to the link above for the most up to date restrictions.

What type of events and gatherings can currently be held in NSW

Great news! The 2 square metre rule now applies in NSW for most venues. This includes, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs and function and entertainment centres. This means those premises can now welcome event and private function bookings where there is space for at least 2 square metres per person in an area. This rule applies for groups of more than 25 patrons – below that there is no density restrictions.

That means you can now host social events (birthdays, anniversaries, engagements parties, etc), weddings, Christmas functions, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and the like for more than just a few people.

Before booking any function at Broken Hill Outback Resort, please ensure you speak with us about the maximum capacity we are permitted to have in the space (and don’t exceed it). We have a COVID-Safe plan in place, and registered as a COVID safe Business. You will need to ask your guests to “check-in” via the NSW Services App or another similar electronic system – this is mandatory.

Keen for a boogie on the dance floor? Up to 50 guests can take part at a time.

You can also host celebrations and gatherings in outdoor parks for up to 100 people.

Public health rules that should be followed at all times

> Physical distancing (1.5m)
> Good hand hygiene (wash your hands!)
> Good respiratory hygiene (cough into your elbow or a tissue)
> Frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection
> Stay home if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms

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